Founded in the UK in 2003, for the last 10 years Fly has been operating in the mobile phone markets of Russia, Ukraine, India, Southern Europe and the CIS.

The head office of the company is located in London.

Fly has long delighted consumers by offering a wide range of unique devices across all categories: classic phones, smart phones and tablets.

Fly started as a small company producing mobile phones in a variety of different shapes: classic phones, clamshells, sliders. Owing to enlightened management and solid understanding of the market, the company grew very rapidly and soon enough made it to the top-5 brands in the Russian mobile phone market, as consumers appreciated its stylish and functional offerings.

With its positions in the classic phone segment still very strong, in 2012 Fly took a giant leap forward when the company successfully hit the smartphone market.

Moreover, Fly made a small revolution in the mobile markets of Russia and Ukraine by launching the first MTK smartphones. Finally, most consumers could put hand on this state-of-the-art technology.

In the 3rd quarter 2012, Fly launched smartphone series 4, which was a huge hit among consumers and propelled the company into the top-3 mobile phone brands in Russia and top-2 in terms of Android smartphones sold.

Such success became possible through high quality smartphones equipped with powerful dual and quad core processors, latest versions of Android, dual SIM support, top grade displays and fancy design. Consumers can enjoy all the advantages of a powerful smartphone – rapid response, multitasking, usability, rapid Internet access, enhanced multimedia opportunities – delivered in a stylish ergonomic casing.

Fly makes its products at some most reliable factories in China making sure to adapt its phones and smartphones to the preferences of Russian consumers. Company’s designers choose the best materials and color combinations, product engineers work on the software package and customization, while the quality control department examines the quality throughout the entire manufacturing process to minimize product malfunctions. Finally, a network of authorized service outlets and customer care call-center is responsible for customer support.

We are not trying to change life, what we really want is to bring a better quality to the table. We want to inspire you and give you freedom of communication, working, finding new friends and sharing the most precious moments with your loved ones.

We produce top-quality mobile devices which make life a lot easier!

Users can always find updated information about Fly services and products on the company’s official website www.fly-phone.ru, as well as ask their questions at company’s discussion board or via e-mail info@fly-phone.com.

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