FLY — Based
in the UK
in 2003
CIS Countries
Southern Europe
Middle East
and Africa

More than 10 years experience in the mobile devices markets
in Russia, Ukraine,
India, countries of southern Europe, Turkey,
some of the CIS countries, countries of the Middle
East, and Africa.

Reliable manufacturer

FLY makes products at most reliable factories in China. All phones and smartphones adapt to the preferences of Russian market.

Modern design

Our best designers perfectly choose the best materials and color combinations. Our engineers from product development department make all software well polished and just awesome.

Quality control

The quality control Department checks all the production stages, minimizing the possibility of faults in production.

Warranty service

We warranty devices support. Enjoy our network of authorized service centres and technical support.

About the brand Fly

Fly conquer hearts of consumers by offering a wide range of unique models in all categories: classic phones, smart phones, tablets.

Fly started as a small company producing mobile phones in a variety of form factors: classic, clamshells, sliders. Soon company has achieved rapid growth and entered the top-5 brands in the Russian mobile market.

Maintaining a strong position in the segment of classic phones, in 2012 Fly took new stage of development - smartphones market.

Moreover, the company made a small revolution in the mobile devices market of Russia and Ukraine, by releasing the first smartphones based on MTK platform. Fly bring latest technology in the field of mobile technology for the majority of users.

In the third quarter of 2012 Fly releasing smartphone 4th series. They became very popular among all users and Fly entered the top 3 brands of mobile technology in Russia. Also Fly become second by number of sold smartphones based on Android.

Such success has been possible through the manufacture of quality smartphones with dual and Quad-core processors, the latest versions of the Android operating system, support of 2 SIM cards, high quality screens and perfect, attractive design. This allowed consumers to enjoy all the benefits of the powerful smartphone: high response speed, multitasking support, convenience and ease of use, fast Internet, advanced multimedia capabilities embodied in ergonomic stylish package.

Fly is a registered trademark of ASN IP Limited, whose registered office address is at 2nd Floor, St Mary’s Court, 20 Hill Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1EU, Ph: +44 1624 693063

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8 (495) 781-76-35 for Moscow

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